LifePath Entertainment

A children/family oriented division of HitPlay Records

LifePath Entertainment’s goal is to produce extraordinary children’s music with a difference. Part of that difference is in the production. The recordings are quality productions, using real instruments with professional musicians and singers, not synthesized artificial music.

HitPlay recording artist Elisa Girlando does the majority of the singing on the albums, joined by Tricia Carrabba, and backed by some very talented musicians.

The problem with most children’s music is that adults find it unlistenable. If a child likes a CD, adults are going to hear it quite a bit! HitPlay’s answer is to make the recordings stand out so the child loves the song and a parent or grandparent can listen along without ‘going crazy!’

If we can create music that hits a note with children, and that parents or grandparents will enjoy as well, we have achieved our goal. We foresee every parent and grandparent wanting these for their children for some time to come. They are timeless.