Megan Rice

 Megan Rice 



The first time you hear Megan Rice you are immediately taken with her distinctly soulful and contemporary bluesy-pop vocal style. Her raspy, sultry and uniquely memorable voice can easily be compared with classic vocalists like Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn. Contemporary comparisons has her more in the world of crossover appeal that universally reaches fans of R&B, Adult Contemporary and Pop Music like Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone and Lorde. Ultimately, Megan is a pure vocalist who portrays genuine emotion with a natural authenticity in every song she sings.

In her daily life, Megan is an athletic, smart, 16-year-old who thrives on everyday challenges and handles them with a mature calmness that comes from experience and her own self-confidence. She excels in athletics and is a very good student in her high school. This combination of strong physical and mental attributes exemplifies her natural competitive spirit, inner drive, and the outward enthusiasm to do her best in everything she undertakes.

Megan is known as a talented “Triple Threat”. She is also an accomplished actress and dancer having performed in numerous school and regional musical theater performances. She has won several vocal competitions in the past few years. This year Megan finished first place in four vocal categories in a large regional music competition. Another highlight for Megan has been her solo performances for the past three years in Rockers on Broadway (le Poisson Rouge, NYC), a charity event featuring numerous well-known Broadway and iconic rock and pop performers such as Debbie Gibson, Pete Townshend, Frankie Valli and Mickey Dolenz.

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