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The Elisa Girlando Band is known for their expressively distinctive vocalist, original arrangements of classic rock and blues songs, and the awe-inspiring live performances the foursome create. This innovative acoustic ensemble based in Sussex County, New Jersey have a unique instrumental lineup that includes piano, electric violin, acoustic guitar and djembe.

Vocalist, Elisa Girlando, combines the smoothness of Ella Fitzgerald, the power of Etta James, with the contemporary styling of Adele. Her voice has been featured on numerous National TV commercials including one for Claritin singing the classic Johnny Nash song “I Can See Clearly Now.” Elisa Girlando now has two solo albums, Rise Up and Through Changes, and both are each unique testaments to her incredible vocal talent.

EGB also includes Phil Girlando, Elisa’s father, who performs on violin, piano and electric guitar and has over the years proven himself a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music producer. He was a pioneer in the use of electric violin on rock music recordings, bringing his skills to many major label recording sessions. For over 20 years, Phil wrote, performed on and produced many national TV commercials for a variety of major brands. He created KEE Management, a management and production company where he was the Music Supervisor. Through KEE, Phil assisted and guided the careers of many major label bands it represented. Phil became a known as an International Music Producer working closely with bands from Europe.

In addition, Jeff Bioletti lends his stylistic approach to the rhythm guitar work in EGB. He relies on his many musical influences to help propel the bands rhythm section. Dave Bollard, a lifetime veteran musician, Dave was inspired attending a David Johansen performance to break away from the tradition drumming set up. He employs various percussion instruments as well as an amplified stompbox and African Djembe to drive the unique sound of the EGB. At virtually every performance he gets folks asking how he makes so much noise with so little equipment. The statement that makes Dave smile.

EGB has been packing venues in their hometown and are always being asked back for future gigs wherever they play. The time is right to expand their musical reach and grow their creative reputations as an innovative band. This fall and winter EGB will be releasing a series of music videos through HitPlay Records, a division of Sony Music, with anticipation of a new full-length release in 2016.


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