HitPlay Records



 HitPlay Records was formed in 2008 by gold record producer and major label recording artist Phil Garland. HitPlay Records are distributed by Red Music, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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As the needs of the music entertainment community continue to evolve, HitPlay Records has carved a strong niche in the artist development arena by selecting and targeting a specific variety of musical styles, genres and artists – each with the ability to break out. HitPlay’s entrepreneurial spirit and company structure make it the perfect home for serious developing and established artists, writers, and producers focused on success and looking for more control over their careers.

HitPlay’s partnership with Red Music and Sony Music Entertainment give our artists unsurpassed marketing outreach opportunities and dedicated sales force services focused on getting product placed into the correct outlets. Working and managing creative, forward-thinking initiatives, HitPlay artists receive representation to national, regional and independent retailers, non-traditional outlets, direct marketers, online retailers, and online direct-to-consumer sales organizations.

At HitPlay, it is always about the music, the artist, and the work ethic necessary to achieve our shared visions.