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The amazing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Bobby Beetcut is a peace educating “Family Roots Musician” who creates a fun and funky blend of uplifting and inspiring music that resonates with kids and their parents alike. His sophomore release entitled, “Up In A Tree!” takes listeners on a musical journey that tours a range of musical styles from Funk to Folk, Groovy Pop Rock to Rocking Rhythm and Blues. Through positive lyrics Bobby Beetcut ultimately wants to inspire listeners to live a balanced life of inner and outer mindfulness and to express these values through words and actions.

In reality, Eric Robert Waldman is the musician behind the character of Bobby Beetcut, and has introduced a new music category of music he calls “Family Roots Music.” It is simply a combination of positive life messages presented musically in quality recordings with stellar musicianship. Waldman’s goal is to craft songs that ground or root children with positive life messages that encourages confidence, living healthy lifestyle and social responsibility. He was encouraged by his closest friends that were starting families to write songs for kids. This led to numerous songs being written with families in mind and the birth of the musical character Bobby Beetcut.

For over 20 years Waldman released numerous albums under a variety of musical projects including being founding member of an inspirational, spirit lifting, rock and roll band named Natural Breakdown. He grew up believing he could help in the healing of the world through music and still believes in the powerful influence music has in our lives. Waldman is currently signed to HitPlay Records and is distributed nationally by RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music.

In the studio, Bobby Beetcut is more than just Waldman, but also includes the exceptional talent of Phil Girlando, who is professionally known as Phil Garland. Since the 1970’s Girlando has proven himself a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music producer. He was a pioneer in the use of electric violin on rock music recordings, bringing his skills to many major label recording sessions. For over 2 decades, Girlando wrote, performed on and produced many national TV commercials for a variety of major brands.
This synergistic collaboration of Waldman’s creative songwriting and Girlando’s masterful music production has created the most enjoyable and dynamic catalog of songs few musicians have in their repertoire.

Bobby Beetcut has been on numerous nationwide children’s music stations and podcasts. His previous release “Beetcut and the Magic Box” was a featured release on I-Tunes Children’s Music page for 2 straight months for free and established him as a Children’s Artist to Watch. The album was also featured on Kids Corner on WXPN-FM in Philadelphia which included having a Top 10 Song in 2014 with “Funky Monkey” and on SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s Kids Place Live, as well as, Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl on WAWL-FM in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Bobby Beetcut has performed throughout the East Coast of the US including having been featured at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, The Maurice Levin Theater, and many outdoor music festivals from Pennsylvania to New York

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. This year Bobby Beetcut is actively and regularly performing at farmer’s markets, pre-schools, elementary schools, birthday parties, camps and other private engagements.

Like good soil, Bobby Beetcut’s songs will help root kids in a lifelong interest in music and nurture them with life-affirming values. And like watering plants, kids need to be showered with love and good vibrations daily to grow healthy, happy, balanced lives.


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