HitPlay’s Artists

Megan Rice

The first time you hear Megan Rice you are immediately taken with her distinctly soulful and contemporary bluesy-pop vocal style. Her raspy, sultry and uniquely memorable voice can easily be compared with classic vocalists like Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn. [More…]

Bobby Beetcut

The amazing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Bobby Beetcut is a peace educating “Family Roots Musician” who creates a fun and funky blend of uplifting and inspiring music that resonates with kids and their parents alike

. His sophomore release entitled, “Up In A Tree!” takes listeners on a musical journey that tours a range of musical styles from Funk to Folk, Groovy Pop Rock to Rocking Rhythm and Blues. Through positive lyrics Bobby Beetcut ultimately wants to inspire listeners to live a balanced life of inner and outer mindfulness and to express these values through words and actions. [More…]

Picture of Elisa Girlando

Elisa Girlando combines the power of Etta James, the smoothness of Ella Fitzgerald and the creativity of Regina Spector with mainstream influences like Dave Matthews to produce one of the best voices the industry has heard in decades. [More…]

Picture of Keith Kenny

Keith Kenny, a solo artist, sounds more like a full band complete with layered guitar riffs, blues harmonica, emotionally charged lyrics and his unique percussive finger style approach to the acoustic guitar. [More…]